We go into schools on a weekly basis (or more!) for the whole school year to work directly with the children as well as with staff and parents to improve the communication skills of all the children in the school.

All children who would benefit from therapy will get it, for as long as they need it and schools gets the support they need to develop language and communication skills throughout the school.

We provide:

  • A referral process so staff can refer children directly to the therapist.
  • A range of formal and informal assessments.
  • Reports for all children seen.
  • Management plans for all children seen.
  • 1:1 therapy or group therapy as required.
  • Training for staff.
  • Training for parents.


  • Children are seen quickly and management plans can be implemented quickly.
  • All children will be seen – not just those with the most severe needs.
  • Children have access to therapy for as long as it is needed.
  • The therapist can work on a specialist and universal level to develop communication skills across the school.
  • The school will have access to expert knowledge as needed.
  • The therapist becomes part of the staff team.
  • The therapist will be in school on a regular basis and will become a familiar face to all.
  • The therapist can provide information at relevant meetings for the children worked with.
  • Children receive therapy from a qualified Speech and Language Therapist.