I am passionate about helping children to be the best they can be. I love seeing children develop their confidence, interaction and communication skills, which is why I love my job. I always knew I wanted to be a Speech and Language Therapist and have dedicated everything to becoming the best therapist I can be. My goal is to equip children, and the adults around them, with the skills they need to reach their communication potential.


I have complete trust in my team and am very proud of the high quality service we provide to schools and families.


Hi, I’m Amy and I love being a Speech and Language Therapist. I enjoy being a team player, I am caring, supportive, patient and understanding towards the children and teachers I work with. I have good experience encouraging and motivating a wide range of clients allowing me to tailor holistic, fun therapy to their needs.  I am proud of my professional attitude and am well organised, reliable and passionate in carrying out all of my duties as a Speech and Language Therapist.

I am excited to be a Team Leader at Chatterboxes. My role includes collecting the data for the company, ensuring consistency across the team and supporting my colleagues to be the best therapists they can be!


I love being part of the Chatterboxes team. I have a passion to work with families and teachers to make therapy fun and engaging for children, whilst developing their communicative potential. I work hard to build relationships with the children I work with as well as the school staff. I take a holistic view to my cases, which means I support the whole child and not just their difficulty.

I am passionate about Speech and Language Therapy and am constantly working towards improving my skills and knowledge. I enjoy being a supervisor to newly qualified Speech and Language Therapists and supporting students on their placements.


Hi, I’m Judy. I love my job as a Speech and Language Therapist with the Chatterboxes team. I am passionate about ensuring all children have the equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

I believe therapy should be enjoyable, fun and motivating and I find it particularly rewarding to build positive relationships with the children and the adults who support them.

I am caring, enthusiastic and hard-working and I will strive to develop my skills and ensure I provide a high quality service to the children, their families and schools.


Hi everyone. I have graduated with my Masters from Long Island University in New York. I love working with children and find it rewarding making a positive difference to so many young lives.

Having worked in diverse schools with children from all backgrounds, I am passionate to work as a team to ensure positive outcomes for children and their families. I also enjoy being part of a team of therapists, which allows me to constantly develop my knowledge and therapy skills.

My goal is to work as a unit with parents towards their child’s full potential. I understand how each child is an individual with their own unique skills and problems and I am able to tailor treatment specifically for each child. I believe therapy should be functional and fun. I take the time to get to know each child and find creative ways to help them achieve success.


Hi, I’m Millie. I love being a member of the Chatterboxes team! The team has been great in supporting me with my NQP competencies and I have been offered lots of opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge through CPD, discussing  client cases, sharing resources, attending conferences, CENs and training days.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the children in my school and ensuring therapy is child-centred as well as suitable for the needs of the school staff and school itself. I think it’s essential that each child is treated holistically as every child has different strengths, needs and unique characteristics. I strive to build a great rapport with the children, their teachers, parents and the multi-disciplinary team, to enable the child to be supported in the most effective way in all environments. I like being creative and innovative, thinking of new ideas for therapy. I am enthusiastic and hardworking, and always strive to achieve the best outcomes for the children I work with.


Hi, I’m Demi. I am a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist and I am excited to get started at Chatterboxes! I am passionate about delivering a quality service to all children who need help and input. I enjoy working with children in schools and delivering fun and exciting therapy!

I always aim to look at how therapy can be used to benefit a child in all aspects of their life, including how to modify the environment for easy learning and development. I enjoy working with schools and families in the best interests of the child and hope to aid them in understanding and speech development.

I am organised, caring and professional. I am always seeking out new information and CPD opportunities to become a better informed therapist and deliver the best suited and personalised therapy to each individual child in a safe and fun environment!


Hi, I’m Claire and I am a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist! I am thrilled to be part of the Chatterboxes team!

I really enjoy working with children of all ages and enjoy being in a busy school environment. I am passionate about making a difference to all  the children that I will be working with and ensuring everyone is able to communicate to the best of their abilities. I love to work as part of a team and I’m looking forward to building relationships with my team members, the children and the adults around them.

I am caring, hardworking and excited to get started! I am looking forward to providing the best advice I can and having lots of fun with the children during therapy!