I am passionate about helping children to be the best they can be. I love seeing children develop their confidence, interaction and communication skills, which is why I love my job. I always knew I wanted to be a Speech and Language Therapist and have dedicated everything to becoming the best therapist I can be. My goal is to equip children, and the adults around them, with the skills they need to reach their communication potential.

I have complete trust in my team and am very proud of the high quality service we provide to schools and families.


I love being part of the Chatterboxes team. I have a passion to work with families and teachers to make therapy fun and engaging for children, whilst developing their communicative potential. I work hard to build relationships with the children I work with as well as the school staff. I take a holistic view to my cases, which means I support the whole child and not just their difficulty.

I am passionate about Speech and Language Therapy and am constantly working towards improving my skills and knowledge. I enjoy being a supervisor to newly qualified Speech and Language Therapists and supporting students on their placements.


Hi, I’m Judy. I love my job as a Speech and Language Therapist with the Chatterboxes team. I am passionate about ensuring all children have the equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

I believe therapy should be enjoyable, fun and motivating and I find it particularly rewarding to build positive relationships with the children and the adults who support them.

I am caring, enthusiastic and hard-working and I will strive to develop my skills and ensure I provide a high quality service to the children, their families and schools.


Hi, I’m Millie and I love being a member of the Chatterboxes team! The team were amazing in supporting me transition from working as an adults’ speech and language therapist to working as a paediatric speech and language therapist. I love my job!

Chatterboxes gives us an incredible amount of support and CPD opportunities where each therapist can share their skills and knowledge, share resources, discuss complex client cases, attend conferences, in house training sessions, CENs and formal training days. I really enjoy being creative and thinking outside the box so it is great that we regularly chat through therapy ideas as a team. The company also provides well-being sessions to help us to develop our team building skills, resilience and personal growth.

I am passionate about working with the children in my school and helping them learn new skills. I like to make therapy child-centred as every child has different strengths, needs and unique personality. I also aim to make therapy fun for the children and build a great rapport with them, their teachers, parents and the rest of the multi-disciplinary team, so that the children’s needs are best supported in all of their communication environments.
I look forward to welcoming and supporting new therapists who join our fantastic growing team!


Hi, I’m Demi. I love being a speech and language therapist at Chatterboxes. I am passionate about making a difference in young people’s lives through developing different skills within school, and working closely with the team around the child, including parents at home!
I always ensure I deliver child-centred therapy, to ensure maximum engagement with learning and skill development, whilst still making therapy interesting, motivating and fun! I believe that all children should be given the correct support to help them thrive within their environment, and I am always striving to be an advocate for each child I work with.
I enjoy witnessing children develop their independence and confidence through speech and language therapy, and love to join them in celebrating little wins on the road to their full potential! I always aim to look at how therapy can be used to benefit a child in all areas of life, including modifying the environment around them.
I am passionate about my role and love to expand my knowledge through CPD opportunities and talking through different cases with the team to find the most fun and rewarding therapy activities!


Hi, I’m Lauren and I am a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist. I am so excited to join the Chatterboxes team!

I love working with children and am thrilled to begin collaborating with school staff and families to achieve the communication goals of the children I will support. I am dedicated to providing engaging therapy and building good relationships with all those that I work with. I believe it is important to recognise that every child has different strengths and needs, and therefore intervention must be personalised, and most importantly, fun!

I am hardworking, caring, and passionate about Speech and Language Therapy. Every day is different and rewarding, and as a therapist, there are always opportunities to learn and broaden my knowledge.


Hi, I’m Zoya and I’m a new qualified speech and language therapist. I love being a part of the Chatterboxes team! I have been provided with the support and resources to do my job to the best I can! 

I have always been passionate about working as a paediatrics therapist and supporting children with speech and language needs. My passion is to provide children with a voice to be able to communicate and prosper as they grow to become young individuals. I enjoy working with different schools and as part of the team, to provide a person centred service. 

I am a caring and organised individual and can’t wait to continue learning as I walk through this journey!


Hi, I’m Hajrah a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist. I’m very excited to be joining the Chatterboxes team!

I am excited to work with a range of incredible children, families and teachers, to ensure all are provided with the best possible care. I’m friendly, organised, hardworking and passionate about working collaboratively with others; being in schools will allow me to do just that. Supporting families to strengthen their relationship with their child, and seeing a child’s communication flourish is why I love speech and language therapy. I love getting to know children from different backgrounds, learn about their passions and provide therapy that is relevant, engaging and fun.

I am confident this journey, will allow me to expand my skills and give me the opportunity to grow as a Speech and Language Therapist.


Hi! I’m Olly and I’m so excited to be a Newly Qualified Speech and Language Therapist! I have a strong interest in speech sound disorders and deaf children. I want to make therapy fun and exciting for children to come to, while achieving their highest potential! I love creating relationships with the children and their parents to support them in their communication.


I am really excited to be joining the Chatterboxes team and supporting children and young people to reach both their communicative and personal potential.

I have always enjoyed working with people, building relationships and feeling a sense of a job well done at then end of the day and working in Speech Therapy allows you to do exactly that.

It is important to me to instil a feeling of “your best is good enough” for all the children and support staff I work with, delivering solutions focussed and child-centred assessment and therapy, that celebrates every step of progress however large or small.